Pipetown (‘Nursery Rhyme’ short story collection)


One day Incy-wincy spider decided he wanted to climb up the water spout, but it wasn’t easy. He faced many challenges but he didn’t give up. Incy was a very determined spider and he wanted to get to the top of the pipe so he could live up high and be able to protect himself from the humans’. Incy pictured living at the top of the sprout in a big web and having lots of friends coming over to visit, feasting on bluebottles and moths. So incy did his stretches and warmed up to prepare himself for climbing the water spout. He had been training for this journey for a long time now. Incy put his glasses on because spiders can’t see very well and he leapt into the pipe and was ready to go.
The pipe was dark and had various smells some pleasant and some not so pleasant. As incy started to climb he saw a faint glow up ahead and he decided to investigate. As he got closer the glow started to speak! “Good afternoon Sir my name is Mr Lampyridae and what brings you to Pipetown today? Would you like a Firefly guide or a Woodlouse Taxi? Its half price today” The glow spoke with a French accent and what he said sounded much rehearsed. Incy was full of excitement and curiosity and asked “Are you a glow worm?! I’ve always wanted to meet a glow worm! And what are firefly guides and woodlouse taxis?” The glow sighed and rolled his eyes and said “You are obviously new here. I do not like questions but I will answer some of yours now to get it over with. I am sorry to disappoint you but I am not a glow worm. I do however have several cousins who are. I am in fact a firefly which is a type of glow worm, though it is insulting to call a firefly a glow worm. Firefly guides are relatives of mine that will guide you through Pipetown to wherever you would like to go and Woodlouse taxis will be willing to let you sit on them and they will take you to wherever you would like to go also.” Mr Lampyridae’s face had remained looking like he didn’t care who he was talking to throughout this conversation, his face was in a constant frown. He had a moustache and jet black hair on the sides of his head. He had a green body and the end of his body glowed with a fluorescent green colour.

Incy decided he wanted a firefly guide. He had been training to climb this pipe for a long time and he didn’t want to waste his training by taking a woodlouse taxi. But unfortunately all the firefly guides already had customers and the only firefly left was Mr Lampyridae. The firefly was sorting through paperwork and said to incy “The waiting room is just upstairs; it will be four days before you can leave sir, the firefly guides will not be back until then. Next please!” Incy was very disappointed at this news but asked the firefly “Mr Lampy wait. You’re a firefly can you not guide me through Pipetown?” Raising his eyebrows the firefly stopped sorting through paperwork and took off his glasses and said “First of all my name is not Mr Lampy. Secondly I am an O.A.R, and before you ask that stands for Official Assistant Receptionist. I am not a firefly guide.” Just then a rumble came from outside and a sudden patter noise surrounded the pipe. Mr Lampy and Incy looked around themselves before a smarm of mosquitoes flew past them shouting in a German accent “This is the Mosquitoes Military, we have an emergency announcement! Evacuate the main pipe street immediately. I repeat get indoors and barricade your homes with moss and anything you can. The rain has started and Pipetown is going to be filled with water any minute!” A sudden blast of shrieks and screams came and people were running around frantically trying to grab moss and get indoors. Incy was filled with fear and when people started to move indoors only him, Mr Lampy and a few other creatures were left. Mr Lampy shouted “Come on in here quick!” But before he finished his sentence an unexpected gush of water came and they were rapidly getting washed down the pipe and landed in a puddle of water at the bottom.

“What happened?” incy asked while standing under the spout of the pipe shaking the rain off himself. Mr Lampy replied irritably “Incy-wincy spider climbed up the water sprout, down came the rain and washed the poor spider out!” A stick insect and a caterpillar had also been washed down the pipe along with some furniture, street signs and other rubble. The stick insect was an old and partially deaf man called Gregg and the caterpillar was about the same age as incy and was called Delilah. Delilah said to Mr Lampy “Oh Cornelius give over! It’s just a wash out, it happens! Don’t take your temper out on this spider here just because you weren’t fast enough to get indoors.” Mr Lampy sat down in a huff and didn’t talk to anyone while the rest of them got to know each other.

After a few hours the sun came up the rain dried up. Incy, Mr Lampy, Delilah and Gregg were ready to make their way back through Pipetown but Incy was afraid and nearly decided not to go. Delilah encouraged him not to give up and said “We all face challenges in life incy. Don’t just run away from your tests and don’t let your fears take over. Be brave and continue to climb up the spout. We can make it to the top together” So they started to make their way through Pipetown.

Pipetown’s main street was empty, everyone had barricaded their homes just as the Mosquito Military had instructed. Heaps of moss covered all the buildings on incy’s left and right side. The creatures climbed the Pipe for several days when they noticed a bunch of glowing green and red lights ahead of them and several Woodlouse Taxis with injured insects ran by them shouting things like “Emergency medical transportation out of the way!” They were near the top of the pipe! Delilah decided not to go any further and stayed behind to incy’s disappointment; Incy had really liked Delilah and had made good friends with her on their journey. Gregg, Incy and Mr Lampy continued on the journey and they made it to the top. At the top of the pipe several creatures were blocking the horizontal part of the drain pipe with moss and leaves to prevent more water from going through Pipetown again. Incy could see Daddy Long Leg Doctors treating patients with broken wings, resuscitating those who nearly drowned in the water and stitching up arms and legs that had been crushed and broken.

Incy felt strong and brave, he had made it to the top of Pipetown. He wished Delilah were there so he could thank her for encouraging him to not give up. On the journey Incy made good friends with Gregg the stick insect, but Gregg didn’t really have much of a clue what was going on considering his lack of hearing and eyesight. Incy had also grown fond of Mr Lampy even though he was a bit serious, but Mr Lampy had been his guide through Pipetown and he was very thankful for that. Mr Lampy had a soft spot for Incy even though he did ask too many questions. Incy paid Mr Lampy 2 Bluebottles for all his help and then he started to build his dream web.

After a few months Incy had a massive web and lots of flies to gorge on. Pipetown had been restored and people were going about with their daily business. Gregg and Mr Lampy came to visit Incy often and Incy seen people coming and going through Pipetown and he made many new friends because of this. Incy set up a rest stop business so that when people had come through Pipetown they could stay with incy and buy some of his flies to eat. Incy hadn’t seen Delilah since the day she stayed behind, but a butterfly had been flying about with beautiful orange and black wings and Incy couldn’t help but wonder if that was Delilah. Incy’s determination had paid off, he was one happy spider.


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