#DailyPhotoPoem January 

#DailyPhotoPoem February 

  1. Silence
  2. The Juxtaposition of Love
  3. Jam Sandwich
  4. Love. Hurts. 
  5. Sausage and Mash
  6. Let’s Try Something Different
  7. Snakes and Glass Boxes
  8. Lipstick Stains
  9. A Heart Marinaded in Whiskey
  10. If the Weather was a Person
  11. Love Can Be Angry
  12. Twisted Loneliness
  13. The Language of my Brain Cells
  14. -+
  15. Soft Landings
  16. My Lover Tried to Kill Me
  17. If you Want to Know me 
  18. Quiet Love
  19. People Say I’m Gloomy, I Say I’m Merely Trying To Illustrate The Darkness of Existence in a Realistic Way
  20. Familiar
  21. Terrifying Reality
  22. Always in Control
  23. LoveWave
  24. I Came Here Because I Was Feeling Grey
  25. Built on an Abandoned Greenhouse
  26. Care
  27. An Enlightening Telling Off
  28. The Night I First Met You
  29. Scrutiny
  30. Life’s Bullet
  31. Judge
  32. A Letter To Myself
  33. My Head’s A Monster
  34. Radio Broadcast Life
  35. You Are Poetry
  36. Happy Poem
  37. I Got High As Fuck & Wrote Some Poetry
  38. I Still Absolutely Adore You
  39. The Lifecycle of an Unhealed Wound
  40. BossMan
  41. Ubiquitously
  42. I Bought You Flowers Cuz You Cheated On Me
  43. The Importance of Family
  44. A Silhouette of Sensitivity
  45. Snotball
  46. Paper People Chain
  47. Imagine the Skyscrapers were Mountains
  48. I Love you More than my Introverted Tendencies
  49. A Relationship on Strike
  50. Average Inbetweener
  51. Fucked Over By The Clock
  52. One Cup of Coffee at a Time
  53. Mind
  54. Costa Girl 
  55. I Love Cheese and Women 
  56. Basically…I’m Fucked

Poetry Film

  1. Radio Broadcast Life
  2. If The Weather Was A Person
  3. Spoken Word Poetry Film: BossMan
  4. Spoken Word Poetry Film: LoveWave

Guest Spot


Short Stories- Numbers

A selection of short stories based around the theme of numbers- alternative currency, time, door number, etc. 

  • Hippocampus: Set in a world in which money doesn’t exist, trading memories is the only way to survive. This is the new currency. This world is destructive for Zach, who has a drug addiction and very few happy memories left to trade.
  • The Time-Checkers: The underground Secret City built by nonconformists, inhabits those wanting to evade the grey world of the time-checkers above. Can a world without time really exist?
  • Graveyard Shift: Counting sheep while alive, & counting coffins while dead. This is the mind of the nonliving.
  • Mr Meal Deal 4: Not all men are bad, but many of them are. A young girl tries to navigate through life with as little harassment as possible.
  • Love, Conkers, & Falling Leaves: Ali & Louise have a love for autumn & for each other. They are both counting before they get to meet.
  • Sense of Beauty: A poetic piece where an individual discuses what’s pleasing and displeasing to each of their senses, and the importance of recognising beauty in the world.
  • Chopsticks: A lonely unplayed piano brings two strangers together.
  • 50mg: The story of a young boy who suffers from anxiety and depression, whilst living with his OCD and alcoholic Mum.

Short Stories- Nursery Rhymes

A selection of short stories expanding upon well known nursery rhymes. What really happened to incy wincy spider & humpty dumpty? 

  • Pipetown: Incy has been training to climb the Spout for years and he is finally ready. In discovering the wonders of Pipetown, being warned by the Mosquito Military of a wash out only adds to Incy’s determination to make it to the top

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