#DailyPhotoPoem January 

#DailyPhotoPoem February 

  1. Silence
  2. The Juxtaposition of Love
  3. Jam Sandwich
  4. Snakes and Glass Boxes
  5. Lipstick Stains
  6. If the Weather was a Person
  7. Love Can Be Angry
  8. Twisted Loneliness
  9. The Language of my Brain Cells
  10. -+
  11. Soft Landings
  12. My Lover Tried to Kill Me
  13. If you Want to Know me 
  14. Quiet Love
  15. People Say I’m Gloomy, I Say I’m Merely Trying To Illustrate The Darkness of Existence in a Realistic Way
  16. Familiar
  17. Terrifying Reality
  18. Always in Control
  19. LoveWave
  20. I Came Here Because I Was Feeling Grey
  21. Built on an Abandoned Greenhouse
  22. Care
  23. An Enlightening Telling Off
  24. The Night I First Met You
  25. Scrutiny
  26. Life’s Bullet
  27. Judge
  28. A Letter To Myself
  29. My Head’s A Monster
  30. Radio Broadcast Life
  31. You Are Poetry
  32. Happy Poem
  33. I Got High As Fuck & Wrote Some Poetry
  34. I Still Absolutely Adore You
  35. The Lifecycle of an Unhealed Wound
  36. BossMan
  37. Ubiquitously
  38. I Bought You Flowers Cuz You Cheated On Me
  39. The Importance of Family
  40. A Silhouette of Sensitivity
  41. Snotball
  42. Paper People Chain
  43. Imagine the Skyscrapers were Mountains
  44. I Love you More than my Introverted Tendencies
  45. A Relationship on Strike
  46. Average Inbetweener
  47. Fucked Over By The Clock
  48. One Cup of Coffee at a Time
  49. Mind
  50. Costa Girl 
  51. I Love Cheese and Women 
  52. Basically…I’m Fucked

Poetry Film

  1. Radio Broadcast Life
  2. If The Weather Was A Person
  3. Spoken Word Poetry Film: BossMan
  4. Spoken Word Poetry Film: LoveWave

Guest Spot


Short Stories- Numbers

A selection of short stories based around the theme of numbers- alternative currency, time, door number, etc. 

  • Hippocampus: Set in a world in which money doesn’t exist, trading memories is the only way to survive. This is the new currency. This world is destructive for Zach, who has a drug addiction and very few happy memories left to trade.
  • The Time-Checkers: The underground Secret City built by nonconformists, inhabits those wanting to evade the grey world of the time-checkers above. Can a world without time really exist?
  • Graveyard Shift: Counting sheep while alive, & counting coffins while dead. This is the mind of the nonliving.
  • Mr Meal Deal 4: Not all men are bad, but many of them are. A young girl tries to navigate through life with as little harassment as possible.
  • Love, Conkers, & Falling Leaves: Ali & Louise have a love for autumn & for each other. They are both counting before they get to meet.
  • Sense of Beauty: A poetic piece where an individual discuses what’s pleasing and displeasing to each of their senses, and the importance of recognising beauty in the world.
  • Chopsticks: A lonely unplayed piano brings two strangers together.
  • 50mg: The story of a young boy who suffers from anxiety and depression, whilst living with his OCD and alcoholic Mum.

Short Stories- Nursery Rhymes

A selection of short stories expanding upon well known nursery rhymes. What really happened to incy wincy spider & humpty dumpty? 

  • Pipetown: Incy has been training to climb the Spout for years and he is finally ready. In discovering the wonders of Pipetown, being warned by the Mosquito Military of a wash out only adds to Incy’s determination to make it to the top

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