Jam Sandwich

Standin’ at the bus stop,

Like a jam sandwich,


Packed in a Lunchbox,

I’m jammy-dodgered,

I wanna go home,

And eat a damn jam sandwich,

Rather than feel like one.

I’m watin’ on the number 10,

I’ve stood here long enough,

I go off to find a different route,

And then the bus turns up,

Oh fuck.

So I’m running back,

To try and catch,

The box of sardines,

I’m banging on the doors,

But the bus driver ignores,

My pleas & my screams,

Of please don’t leave,

Of course he leaves,

And I start to scream,

Ye fuckin’ bastard!


2 thoughts on “Jam Sandwich

  1. […] Last night I spontaneously decided to go to a spoken word open mic night in Richmond, London. I’ve been to a few literary based evenings (Book Slam & poetry at the Southbank Centre) and they’ve always really inspired me. I’ve always wished to have the skill, nerve, and opportunity to grace the stage and perform some of my poems, however It always seemed like a silly dream that I’d never have the means or confidence to achieve, but last night I managed to get up and perform two of my pieces. I chose ‘Silence‘ and ‘Jam Sandwich‘. […]


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