Bloc Bar


It’s safe to say that the closing of gay venues in London is fast becoming an unwanted trend. You would think that a place such as Camden, which attracts alternative styles and individuals, would have a bit of a gay scene. Sadly my favourite pub The Black Cap, was abruptly closed several months ago. It was an iconic pub, and well loved by those who attended, and by those who worked there. I’ve never felt so comfortable and welcome in a place before, the staff were always so friendly. The terrace outside, inside pub, and club on the ground floor, meant that you could go there for a quiet drink, chill outside on a sunny day, or bust some moves on the dance floor. So The Black Cap really did cater to whatever mood you were in, and that’s why I think it was so brilliant.


Protests and petitions have taken place to try and save it, but alas it has remained closed. Thankfully many of the staff and the performers, managed to move on the The Eagle in Vauxhall, but unfortunately the distance is a little too much for me personally, so I rarely get to go. But the good news is that a new gay bar has just opened up in Camden, just a 3minute walk from Camden Town tube station. Bloc Bar doesn’t quite live up to The Black Cap, but at least it’s a space for those in the LGBTQ community to go to. It’s quite small, and the seating isn’t fantastic, but the staff, punters, and performers make the atmosphere so much more exciting. It’s great to see many familiar faces of The Black Cap, and I really hope that Bloc Bar is up and coming as Camden’s new and popular gay bar.

Bloc Bar is definitely worth going to for entertainment with its cabaret, drag queens, and burlesque. When I attended I got to see Holestar, who I found so likeable, hilarious and talented, with the excellent singing voice of Silver Summers. Alongside her Vanity von Glow performed, who has an absolutely fantastic voice, her renditions of popular songs were stunning. All 3 were beautiful, and a delight to see.

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I was disappointed that the pub closed at 11pm, so hopefully Bloc Bar will get a later license soon. Overall it was worth the visit, and although it may not look like the most fantastic pub in the world (I think I just miss the homely, cosy feeling of The Black Cap. It feels a bit more like G-A-Y or Freedom Bar), the people sure do make it a fun and enjoyable place to be. Here’s to more opening of gay venues, and less closing of them! And I’m still praying for a decent Lesbian scene! Come on gay London! I’ll definitely be back to Bloc Bar soon.


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