The piano looked unplayed as it stood lonely in the seating area full to the brim of people eating their falafel wraps, deep fried oreos, and vegan brownies. The keys gleamed in my eyes, and I had a great desire to press down on one of the notes and hear the ringing sound. I wonder is it in tune? I make myself sound like a professional pianist, but I assure you I am no Beethoven. Chopsticks. That’s what I want to play. Chopsticks. That little tune that everyone knows. It’s so simple but so catchy and all I want to do is get off this seat and strike down on the keys. Everyone is enjoying the food and the atmosphere that the market has to offer. I don’t often go to places alone, but I thought I would give it a go this one time. I just really had a craving for the paella here.

I sat for a while longer before plucking up the courage to pretend to be a musical genius. I stood in front of the piano and pressed down playing the note C. I felt embarrassed but everyone was too busy chatting to notice. So I did it. I started to play Chopsticks. It was so satisfying that there was a piano just available to play, but not only that, when I started to play someone stood next to me and started to play the high notes of the tune. We were making music together, although naturally not anything fabulous, it was just Chopsticks. Numerous notes together to create a beautiful sound. We laughed over it and then he shook my hand and introduced himself as Mark. This is probably the sweetest way I have ever met someone, through a lonely piano waiting to be played.

He asked for my number and I gave it to him.


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