Paper People Chain

Walkers and phone talkers,

Buskers and sing alongers,

Silent disco headbangers,

Sullen rushing Londoners.

Observing the faceless faces,

But not observing too much,

Eye contact is banned on the tube;

Stare at the adverts,

Look at your reflection,

Oh what a pretty floor.

Thousands of ants.

It’s like a dot-to-dot puzzle,

Without the connections,

It’s like where’s wally,

But you’re the wally,

It’s like playing ‘Guess Who’,

Without the names.

A paper people chain,

Is non existent,

A paper people chain,

Is what I need,

A paper people chain,

Means linked,




Stand on the right,

Walk on the left,

Mastering swerving,

In every direction.

What is he or she thinking?

I wonder how their day was?

Are they going through troubles?

Or have they had good news?










I didn’t hide my sadness,

I let my pain shine through.

I got stuck behind crowds happily,

I gave directions joyfully,

I smiled sadly,

My eyes twinkled tearfully.

Surrounded by people.

People of all kinds.

A disconnected people,

Paper thin people,

A broken paper people chain,

People feeling pain,

People playing games,

Nameless People,

Anonymous people,

I’ll never see again.

Surrounded by individuals.

I’m one of those individuals.

Yet the loneliness is deeper than I’ve ever known.


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