Average Inbetweener

Am I not hipster enough?

Shall I buy some Nike trainers?

Shall I let Urban Outfitters throw up on me?

Shall I grow a beard?

Or a penis?

Am I not cool enough?

Shall I stop Netflix binging?

Shall I get rid of the graphic novels?

Shall I pretend to like MTV?

Or clubbing?

Am I not smart enough?

Shall I study more?

Shall I replace fiction books with fact books?

Shall I speel off what I saw on the discovery channel?

Or University Challenge?

Am I not attractive enough?

Shall I paint my face orange?

Shall I wear a push up bra?

Shall I get braces?

Or cosmetic surgery?

I’m too much of a nerd,

Yet not nerdy enough.

I’m alright looking,

But not good looking enough.

I can be somewhat fashionable,

But not fashionable enough.

I’m a slut,

I’m a prude,

I know some stuff,

But not very much.

I’m too sensitive,

My selfie game is weak.

I’m too masculine,

Too feminine,

Too smart,

Too stupid,

Too happy,

Too sad,

Too crude,

Too cute,

Too nice,

Too mean;

Too everything.

I’ve been an average,

My whole life.

I’ve been an inbetweener,

My whole existence .

I feel like I fit in nowhere,

With no one,

With nothing.

I’m me.

If that’s not what you want,

Then I’m Sorry,

But that’s all I can be.


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