Quiet Love

I’ll hold your hand under the table,

Maybe squeeze your knee,

Kiss you on the unobtrusive back street,

And hold you covertly.

It’s not because I’m ashamed to be gay,

It’s not because I’m embarrassed of you,

I just give a quiet love,

One that’s completely true.


I don’t need to be wrapped around you in a permanent embrace,

I don’t need to be conjoined to you in every public place,

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that my love for you is as crazy as interstellar space.

The excitement I had when we went to second base,

When we were interlaced,

With no breathing space,

We reached a higher place.

Eyes locked,

Time stopped.

Bodies in tune,

We both swoon.

I don’t like to be ostentatious,

Showy and grandiose,

I like to protect what we have,

By keeping you quietly close.

I’ll write you secret notes,

And hide them in your room,

I’ll whisper in your ear,

That I like your perfume.

I’ll buy you your favourite chocolate bar,

When you’re feeling blue,

I’ll make a scrapbook of photographs,

Depicting me and you.

Now occasionally I’ll have an overwhelming need to kiss you in a crowd,

Dominantly put my arm around your shoulders,

Leave hicky marks on your neck illustrating my territory,

And talk about you loudly as ‘my girl’.

And nothing will stop me from doing just that.

But for the most part you’ll see the love in my eyes,

You’ll notice my pupils dilate when I see your smile,

I’ll get goosebumps when you lightly graze my knee with yours,

I’ll lean nearer and there’ll be a twitch in my facial nerves,

I’ll grin and I’ll giggle like a little girl,

Darlin’ don’t you realise that you’re my whole world.


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