I Love Cheese…And Women

My sexuality isn’t my entire identity,

It doesn’t encompass my full entity,

Deeming me a lesbian aesthetically,

Allegedly it’s in my chemistry,

Alphabetically you will spell me,






I love women.

But I also love cheese.

Bop bop bop bop babybell,

Smooth and sweet,


Springy and supple,


Firm and creamy,


The Queen of Cheese,

Buttery, soft, runny,


Tough yet sweet.



I love women.

They are the mac to my cheese.

But my sexuality isn’t my entire life,

It’s not my ultimate goal to have a wife,

I’m not well known on the scene nightlife.

Yeah I’ll listen to Tegan and Sarah,

Watch reruns of the L Word trying to decide which character I would be and hoping that it’s not Jenny,

I ship Rose & Rosie,

Apply hashtag lesbian,

Sometimes I’ll wear snapbacks and button up shirts,

I’m a vegetarian,

Sounds kinda typical.

Flat pack furniture building should be a skill I possess,

Playing football with great finesse,

But I must confess,

I’d actually rather try on a dress (sometimes).

I’m not really one who fits the mould,

I’ve been told many times that I am a terrible lesbian,

I’ve also been told that I’m disgusting because I am a lesbian,

I’m not really sure I fully identify as a lesbian,

I’m a bit of a grey area.

Yeah I have gay pride,

But being a bender isn’t all that I am,

I’m not a lesbian.

I am a person, who is sexually and emotionally attracted to women,

But I’m pretty certain I’m also sexually and emotionally attracted to cheese.

Don’t you get it?

Both are irrelevant.


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