If you Want to Know me

I’m an onlooker; watching

Networks of connected people

I’m an outsider; observing

The joy of connectedness

I’m a nobody; Unnoticed

Concealed in the corner

I’m a lover; Unloved

Wanting to give

I’m a hater; Unseen

Thinking angry things.

My innermost thoughts are precious,

My external thoughts are private,

I’m privy to a select few, Even then

I’m careful in what I disclose,

A cautious soul,

Unwilling to give much; Unless,

You convince me that you want to fuck.

Do you want to fuck?

Cuz fuck you I shall.

I’ll climb inside your head, My eyes

Are a window to my soul,

I’ll let you look inside,

And I’ll be more than a hand to hold.

I’ll fuck you and you’ll love it.

I’ll touch you and you’ll feel it; Really

Feel it.

You’ll taste me and savour it,

You’ll press into me and appreciate it.

That skin on skin sensation,

Girl you’re gonna have to have some patience,

Cuz I’m gonna tease you till your aching.

They say have confidence,

And in this instance I do,

Sex with an ambient depth,

Caressed breasts,

Wet and covered in sweat,

Sex with a heated intensity,

Tasty pussy,

Kissing every section of your body.

I’ll be your hot pot of coffee,

Pouring myself over you, Euphoria

Oozing out of your pores, Elation

Rushing through your veins.

Sex with me is more than sexy,

It’s like an unconventional spiritual awakening, Quivering

In the presence of something superlative.

You’ll get high off my motions.

An alluring magnetic field,

Hypnotic encounter,

I’ll take over you with my eyes, form, and mind,

You’ll whisper, ‘don’t stop this’,

Mesmerised by the pleasure in your body, soul, and mentality.

A closeness you can’t define.

A knowingness you never knew.

If you want to know me.

Then fuck me.


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