The Antipoet


A monthly Spoken Word open mic event hosted at the Tea Box let me discover the amazingly talented, hilarious, and eccentric duo The Antipoet last month, and I felt like they were a great fit for my guest spot page. Paul Eccentric and Ian Newman make up The Antipoet, their appearance shouts rock band, but what we have is something altogether different. One playing the double bass and the other belting out some unruly and witty rhymes, results in a completely electrifying performance.

The Antipoet have toured extensively, and have several studio albums, which you should all definitely check out. Their poetry discusses serious things in a comedic way, and their overall stage presence is truly animating.

Check them out at Glastonbury this year:

You can download their albums, and have a look on their website for more info. They’re also performing tonight at the Trestle Arts Base, St Albans at 10.00pm, and have a few more gigs coming up.  If you have an opportunity to see them live then I encourage you to do so. 

The next spoken word open mic night at the Tea Box is Friday 9th Oct.


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