The Importance of Family

My sister was always the one for practical advice.

If I needed to figure out budgets, bills, or other boring stuff she was the one that I would turn to.

She would pester me to fill out application forms, and make phone calls to organise my life.

It was annoying as fuck, but I bloody well appreciated it.

My brother was always the one for the banter,

He’d just talk absolute nonsense, 

And i’d feel free to be the true weirdo that I am.

We’d always sing stupid songs, 

And he’d bully me in that brotherly and sisterly way that always left me in stitches of laughter.

My Mum was always the shoulder to cry on.

When I was sad and feeling down,

She was expert at being understanding;

She made me feel less alone.

She had that comforting and empathetic demeanour that allowed me to show my sensitivity freely with no judgment.

She was my pick me up,

And the perfect person to sit around watching TV with while eating a tub of ice cream. 

My Dad was always the one to be generous. 

He would sacrifice his left arm for his children; 

He always offered far too much and received far too little in return.

He has given me far too much money, and done far too much of my cleaning, and washed far too many of my clothes.

This is my family. 

And although we all live inside different stone buildings, across 3 different countries, I know that each of them has shaped who I am as a person.  

My sister taught me the importance of being realistic and getting things done. 

My brother taught me the importance of laughing and smiling in spite of life’s troubles. 

My Mum taught me the importance of listening and being compassionate.

And my Dad taught me the importance of being selfless and kind to others. 

We’re a pretty fucked up family to be fair,

But we’re pretty fucking brilliant too. 

And although I’m independent from them now, 

I know that I will continue to learn from them despite being hundreds of miles away. 

Family is like a flower,

We may stem in different directions, 

But the roots prevail as one. 

And whoever you may consider your family, 

Remember to treasure and admire them for exactly who they are. 

Family is important. 

Love them. 

Cherish them.

And learn from them. 


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