Fucked Over By The Clock

The clocks changed,

And everyone’s excited by the extra hour.

I woke up at 5:30am instead of 6:30am,

And continued to do so for days.

My body doesn’t give a fuck,

About the manmade construction of time,

And now i’m exhausted.

I start work at 8:45am.

I leave at 7:30am,

To get there for 8:25am,

Because I don’t trust public transport.

If you trust public transport,

Then I don’t trust you.

I was late today by 45 minutes.

I put my belief in the central line, And concluded

it’d all be fine,

I’d get to work in time; But that was all a lie.

It’s all about making those executive decisions.

Do I wait and hope the signal failure will be resolved?

Do I give up and get a bus instead even though it takes double the amount of time?

Do I pretend I have the money to get an uber?

I chose to be patient,

And have faith in the central line.

My patience fucked me over,

And my goodness could these idiots walk any slower?!

And now I need to top of my oyster;

But the machines broke.

It’s raining, i’m running;

I’m stopping, I’m starting;

Google maps and city mapper are savin’ my life,

I’m stressed like fuck, but shit happens;


I can’t change the weather,

I can’t change the time,

I can’t fix the machines and systems,

Or the man trying to insert a crumpled five pound note into the ticket machine for tenth time.

But what I can alter is my attitude, and just smile.

I got to work,

And yeah I was late,

I felt like a failure,

So I wrote this poem on my break,

To relax and unwind,

Release and let go,

What can’t be changed,

The unreliable shit public transport and people who walk slow.


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