The Night I First Met You

She’s older that what she seems

she’s younger in her dreams.

she’s holding on 

to that last honey drop;

the sweetness,


on her tongue.

her tastebuds 


with love.

She dips her finger into the jar of nutella,

I tell her 

She’s gonna spoil her dinner,

She looks at me and laughs

And asks

Am I her mother

I tell her no.

I pause.


Words spoken;

I love her.

Do you remember when we first met?

And you danced beneath the streetlights?

That orange tinge that lit your hair on fire,

A smile that made my heart race for miles;

You were careless, almost reckless,

And I was tiptoeing on the pavement

Avoiding the cracks.

You were carefree without a worry in the world,

Your arms were bare covered in what you called ice bubbles;


You asked me who came up with such a word. 

All I could do was smile and give you my coat

such questions always entered my mind too. 

Inquisitive and curious we both were. 

We walked for hours in the moonlight, 

Until the fog grew and the morning light broke,

And the realities peeked through the edge of the curtain of my mind

blinding me. 

Sober with ripped tights and melted eyeliner,

Wary of the amount of money I spent the night before

buying you drinks

In the hope to gain your interest.

I’ve always been a fool 

And I’m still your fool 

But luckily you’re my fool too. 

I dip my finger into the jar of Nutella,

And you kiss me on the cheek.

I feel as drunk and infatuated as the first night I met you.


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