Happy Poem


You’re a grumpy old man, they say

You hate everyone, they say

Your rants about public transport are hilarious, they say

You’re so blunt it’s so funny, they say. 

I’ve been pegged as a sarcastic, dry humoured, moaning wee bitch.

I’ve been pegged as a fucked up, dumb-luck, full of baggage git.

I’ve been pegged as a non smiling, always groaning, turn my nose up twit.

I write to release the pains of my past.

I write to let go of the mundane things that annoy me so.

People find it funny, 




Some people like it cuz it’s truthful,

Some people hate it cuz it’s distasteful,


But today i’ve challenged myself 

To write a joyful poem 

And i’m already pissed off that the ink of the pen is running dry, 

This is harder than I thought.

Happy poem. 


I’m happiest when I’m walking in the rain at night 

Enveloped by darkness and gloominess, 

It sounds miserable but I know how to find an inkling of joy in a rain cloud.

Crimson leaf covered paths in Autumn are sublime.




But it’s stunning. 

My Mum used to take us to the beach when it was pissing down with rain,

It sounds like a terrible way to spend the day.

But the laughter in the pit of my stomach kept me warm as we ran around full of delight at the ridiculousness of the situation,

And Hot chocolate by the fire after was the simplest but best comfort.

I love the sight of a weed growing through the cracks of the pavement,

It’s like nature is fighting back for what we took away.

Some people hate the sight of graffiti,

VANDALS they shout.

I like the spray painted illustrations and words that overlap,

It’s like a bunch of artists battling to get their name visible.


I can see the art in an eye sore.

I can see the poetry in the unpleasant.

YES I complain about the mundane things in life,

And I have a grouchy demeanour,

And I’ve been through some shit. 

But the reality is I’m actually a pretty happy, positive person.

Similarly to the meaning of life,

Happiness is something we create. 

And I can find heaven in the heartache.

I can create contentment in catastrophe.

Tranquility exists within life’s tribulations. 

Now fuck off everyone you’re pissing me off. 

Happy poem.  


One thought on “Happy Poem

  1. so ye are grumpy i too am and indeed frumpy. lost my old phone and the son wont leave me alone. so if i tell you i love your raw poetry you may run and hide and think he s daft and wants to well no i dont. but i am indeed daft sharon! good day and ta.


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