Febuary Daily Photo Poem

1st Feb

The heat is unbearable,
The searing white hot sensations,
Are too much.
You set my heart on fire,
And just left me there to burn,
I’m nothing but evaporated wax,
And scattered ash.
The remains of love.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


2nd Feb

I’ve broken my rose tinted glasses,
And I can see you for what you are,
Nothing but a selfish cunt.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


3rd Feb

Even the purest of people,
Have a darker side.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


4th Feb

The violent silence,
Is like bells ringing in my ears.
The deafening noise of nothingness,
Gives way to all my fears.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


5th Feb

I have so much love to give,
But you have no room for it,
I’m just leftover takeaway.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


6th Feb

You said my cold stare is full of warmth,
And I said your sweet kiss is sour to taste.
You said my hidden thoughts are fun to discover,
And I said that your intentions are to enslave me as your lover.
Bitter and mean,
Lovely and serene,
Manipulative and cruel,
Friendly and a fool.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


7th feb

She wore mismatched clothes;
Odd socks,
And holey shoes.
She stood out like a sore thumb-
Not because of her odd attire,
But because there was a sense of life in her smile.
A colourful character,
That made my heart go wild.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


8th Feb

I feel at peace,
When I look at the sea,
A feeling of calm,
When I breath
the salt air,
I feel humbled,
When I imagine the oceans depths,
I feel refreshed,
When the waters rise around my ankles,
I feel a connection to the waves,
The sounds of the waters ebb and flow,
Brings me a tranquillity,
A comfort,
A feeling that I
Am at home.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


8th Feb

Forgetting the bruises from playing outside,
Forgetting the bruises from the words held inside;
Children can be really mean.
But I’ll choose to remember my favourite toys instead,
Rather than remembering the stitched up wounds with such breakable thread.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


10th Feb

If only warning lines were in front of my heart,
If only I knew to mind the gap,
If only I heard the doors beep shut,
Then I’d know that you might leave,
Then I’d know you could let me fall,
Then I’d know you’d shut me out,
Then I’d be prepared for the pain of it all.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.

11th Feb

Drinking from the bottle,
Like there’s no tomorrow,
Dropping pennies,
In the barman’s hands,
Tonight I’m in a state of beautiful intoxication.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


12th Feb

Sometimes the world can be like abstract art,
You’re not really sure what to make of it.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


13th Feb

Break the buckle,
Unfasten me,
Im Unsecured,
But you can break my heart
If you wish.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


14th Feb

My heart is taking off,
At the thought of your hands in mine,
I’ll see you soon,
My valentine.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.

15th Feb

You have me on my knees,
The slavery is visible,
On my faded jeans.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


16th Feb

Recycled words,
Meaningless now,
Nothing new,
I’ve heard it all before.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


17th Feb

Ghosts make an appearance at 2am,
They open their eyes,
Just as I close mine,
Coffee number 5,
I’ve had sleepless nights,
Too many times.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


18th Feb

Mundane daily tasks,
Are a heavy burden to bear,
When your mind is broken,
And you just don’t care.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


19th Feb

Even heaven’s light is failing,
There’s no hope in this world,
Nor the next for healing.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


20th Feb

Options can be overwhelming,
When the smallest of choices can be so life altering,
I open doors based of eenie meanie miny mo,
People can judge the lack of logical thought,
But some of my best decisions have come from the flip of a coin.
Which door do I go through next?
Heads or tails.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.

21st Feb

Squeaky clean,
Mental asylum white.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


22nd Feb

My darkened soul is waterproof to the flowing forgiveness.
I will never be cleansed of the guilt I’ve experienced.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


23rd Feb

Locked in,
The ordinary and unoriginal;
Think outside the box.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


24th Feb

‘Oh shit’ uttered at the sight of this,
Oh shit indeed.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


25th Feb

Hang me in your closet,
I’ll fuck you in there,
While you hide from your shame.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


26th Feb

Blue can be cold and uncomforting,
Blue can be calm and soothing,
Blue can be how I feel without you.
Blue in the face,
Blue heart,
Blue fingers,
As I pick apart,
How we got to this place.
Sailing waters of stillness and grace,
Capsizing in waves of anger and pace.
Blue lovers,
Who lost the race.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.


27th feb

I still absolutely adore you.
The impact of those moments together,
Those moments that feel so insignificant now,
Those moments that are on the edge of my forehead,
Ready to jump
To fall away,
But my beating heart pulsates pushing the memories back to my core,
I can’t let you go.
You were everything to me once,
And I know many have said that before,
But every atom of my being aches for you,
My veins rush with an unforgotten love for you,
I still absolutely adore you.

There’s a bitterness that seeps into the fibres of my being,
The sour taste of you leaving,
Is a memory still reverberating.
I hate how much I still absolutely adore you.
I’ve cried tsunamis over you,
I’ve felt earthquakes for you,
I’ve trekked through deserts to get over you,
But I still absolutely adore you.

I’m with you in my dreams,
But these dreams feel like nightmares in the exposing daylight,
I’m in love with something that doesn’t exist,
I’m in love with an idea,
And what are ideas without actuality.
If there was ever such a things as ‘the one’,
Then it’s you,
Darlin’ it’s you,
Your my one,
But I’m not yours.

Peeling away at my vulnerability,
I sense you within a hairs breadth,
I feel the warmth of your breath,
I’m shivering at the thought of your touch,
I’m shaking at the slight glimpse of love,
I still absolutely adore you.

Don’t add me as a friend on Facebook,
Don’t let me text you when I’m drunk,
Let’s just bump into each other,
And recreate an idealistic love.
I’m afraid to seek you out,
I’m terrified of letting the idea of you drop,
I’m scared of admitting,
That i’m still
in love.

I can feel it in my bones,
An adoration that leaks out of my pores.
a love that excels the tips of my fingers and toes,
an emotional stir that has me stripped to the floors,
I still absolutely adore you.

It’s all love lust and pixie dust
What becomes of us will be done and dusted
Feelings rusted
Hearts busted
Trying to muster the courage
To move on and fall in love with somebody else.
Casual relationships seems to be the answer,
But alas once they’re cancelled I realise that’s not what I’m after,
I thought that rather than getting fucked over,
I’d just not care and get my leg over,
And fuck for pure pleasure,
But I found no pleasure.
Because I still absolutely adore you.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.

28th Feb

I’m ready for you,
I’m stood here for you,
My feet are glued,
To the ground,
For you.
I’m stubborn and won’t move,
I’ll wait for you;

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.

29th Feb

I spilt my bag of rice,
I should have got takeaway.

S.R Boyd Writes's photo.

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