Life’s Bullet

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    There’s a feeling I can’t quite put into words;

    It’s an aura of red and black,

    A taste I’m familiar with,

    It lingers on my tongue,

    And catches in my throat,

    Makes me croak,

    And it’s soaked into every tissue of my body,

    And it’s crippling my bones,

    And fracturing my soul,

    And destroying my whole outlook.

    My brain is a cloud,

    My eyes are glazed,

    My words are just breathing dust,

    I wheeze,

    I choke,

    On the feelings invoked,

    By every bullet of life.

    Life’s bullet strikes,

    But the wound was there before this round of shots even hit,

    Another stitch,

    I’m just a pile of ash,

    Floating through the skies,

    Like a swarm of flies,

    Because life cremated me long ago.


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