Radio Broadcast Life


I just want everyone to leave,

The noise they’re making,

Is deafening me,

My ear drums are vibrating,

To an unwanted sound wave.

The sound waves palpitation surges through to my heart,

The bass resonates through my core,

It’s an uncomfortable disturbance of the peace,

I’m seeking silence and stillness.

I wish you would all…

Pipe down,

That unnecessary sound,

That bounds my soul,

To a frown,

And knocks my head,

Against the ledge,

And I dredge,

My weakened self,

Through screaming help,

I whelp,

In bad health,

From the noise pollution,

And I’ve found no solution,

To the unnecessary chatter,

That fills the trenches of my brain cells,

It’s echoing and ringing,

And booming and protruding,

And bursting out of my eye sockets,

Filling my pockets ,

And slicing my arteries with a knife,

And shooting up my veins with strife ,

I’m stuck with the continuous radio broadcast life,

Shut up,




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