Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 13.47.20.png

I’m pulling at my skin,

And I want to rip it off,

So i can be a mask of skeleton and muscle,

So I can remove the visible emotion and sense of self,

So my face just becomes a clinical slab of flesh that doesn’t mean much.

But instead I feel you reading my every twitch,

Observing My dodging eyes,

Staring at my prickling skin,

Visibly Crimson.

Stop invading me,

Stop judging me,

Stop making me feel your scrutiny!

I want to pierce their eyes out,

As they examine my every move,

And question my every motive,

And ask every question under the sun,

Just Leave me the fuck alone.


2 thoughts on “Scrutiny

  1. alone
    none are
    nor can they be
    doth not come always and ever
    from what ye can see
    it is the doubts
    of your self shouts
    that causes the waves and ripples
    to come
    your way!
    may you be please
    too then


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