The Lifecycle Of An Unhealed Wound

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 13.47.20.jpg

I’m about to go to therapy,

And I’ll spend the following week as a bruise,

Noticeably purple,

I’ll start to heal as  the week goes by,

I’ll hide my bruised self beneath layers of clothing,

Only for the material to be pulled away,

When I face my next therapy session.

I’ll be prodded and pushed into a deeper shade,

I’ll feel like a bruise that cannot heal,

I’ll wish to be a bruise that’s concealed,

But in order for my bruise to disappear,

It has to darken, and yellow, and fade with time.


2 thoughts on “The Lifecycle Of An Unhealed Wound

  1. some things some shite do
    not fade with time
    your name
    has meaning
    your life tho to you
    in neutral
    has a unique
    so we talk we chant we rant anger
    danger to those near us
    hold dear
    to the slow
    in your heart
    a good place
    to start
    on ya sleeve
    as the pain
    you conceive
    for the reckoning!

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