You Are Poetry

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 13.47.20.png

Let’s hide amongst the tall grass and flowers,

Only visible to the sunlit sky,

A part from when we peek our heads up,

like meerkats,

To watch the world go by. 

Let’s kiss beneath the sun split trees,

And speak of the strangest of things,

And sit silently saying nothing,

But comfortably,

Enjoying the simple presence and company. 

It’s almost like this setting was designed for you,

Your natural beauty and all your little quirks,

Look perfect in this moment,

I want to capture it in a bottle,

And keep it. 

I listen to the jazz music flow,

Coming from the festival not far,

From this hidden world we’ve created,

The sound ripples through the trees,

Along with the slight breeze,

Rustling the leaves,

Not unlike the butterflies in my stomach.

You are watercolour on a canvas,

Bursting with colour,

You are a movie,

Brimming with charm and wit,

You are a song,

Full of goosebumps and warmth,

And against this backdrop of nature,

You are nothing short of pure poetry. 


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