I Came Here Because I Was Feeling Grey

The trees look like witches,

Like monsters,

Like creatures from another world.

The branches look like

Lightening  bolts,

Frozen in a split second,

Of a moment in time.

The birds sound like

Heavens choir.

The surrounding sounds,

Of city sirens,

And flying dragons,

Sound like Hell’s drum.

This place is a limbo,

Between altering states

Of Mind.

The gliding birds

Moving from tree to tree,

Look more like

Hot Air Balloons



And taking off.

The squirrels

Are merely

A manifestation

Of your mind,

Chasing dreams,

And nightmares.

In this non-place,

Sticks and stones

May break my soul,

But the devil

Will never get me.

I came here because

I was feeling grey,

My concrete filled veins,

And leadened heart,

Were cracking my bones,

And opening my skull,

To tar and murky waters.

The ambience of the earth

Removes the metal and glass

From my inner being,

And places me in the

Calming waters,

To float with the tides

In peace of mind.


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