Sausage and Mash

I can already feel the disappointment drop of my organs

Creating a long minor key note that screams

I can feel them sink and bundle together in a knot

My brain surges electrically sending sparks across the cells

My eyes widen startled sending glares across the walls

All these little let downs and excuses are adding up

Like a landfill of broken down TV’S, plastic wrapping, and weeds.

My lungs breathe Drum & Bass,

My feet move Rhythm and Blues

My heart beats Dark Ambience

My brain squeals mashup.


Love. Hurts. 

I’ll asphyxiate you

Snuff you out

Stifle you

Knife you with my bleeding adoration

I’ll plague myself with you

Consume my carcass with you

Bedevil my animalistic brain with you

I’ll dupe you into my seductive pen

Give you rope burns

And imprints of molars and grooves of nails.

Love. Hurts.



Let’s Try Something Different

I can’t take a bite of my four pound fifty sandwich

Without feeling observed

Swallowing it is like ingesting a wooden block

That just about slides down my throat

I can’t scoop up a sugar cube without the fear

Of it escaping my spoon

Flying into the atmosphere

For all the eyes to see

Landing on the pine wood floor with an







I cover the ink i’ve spilled onto this page

As though i’m hiding a secret

I hunch my shoulders and let my overgrown fringe

Conceal my CPU monitor of a face.

I came here because the three pound ninety sandwich next door at the chain cafe seemed extrortionate

Instead I’m enjoying nine pounds fifty worth of wooden blocks

In this place I’ve never beein

Because I thought I should try something new

Something different





A Heart Marinaded in Whiskey

Drinking Jack Daniels with my cornflakes

To water my dry soul

Staring at the potted plants

Depriving them of any life

Their soil can remain dry

Like my sundried heart

That belongs inside a tin can

For this world of cannibals

To eat up.

I’m marinading my heart in whiskey

So it tastes less like

Burnt rubber

And more like a rich, medium rare slab of meat, with a bitter sweet tinge

That will make your mouth water

When you eat me alive.

I’m drinking Jack Daniels for breakfast,

Because you will like me better that way.

I’m drinking Jack Daniels for breakfast,

Because I will like me better that way.

I’m drinking Jack Daniels for breakfast,

Because I become someone else,

And that’s easier than being

The one who lifted the Jack Daniels bottle to my lips

In the first place.




Terrifying Reality

The sunset turned the sky,

Devil red,

And then the darkness,

Seeped in.

The walls breathe with me,

And the people wave,

From the floor and ceiling.

The petals were like little hands,

Protecting the centre;

I was afraid,

And I was telling myself,

‘Don’t be afraid’,

But then she said,

That I’m not afraid enough.


Snakes and Glass Boxes

She’s lives inside a box,

That sits inside a pram,

That’s covered in grubby marks,

From everyones groping hands,

And It wheels around the desert,

The god forsaken land.


Theres a wholesome little girl,

In an unblemished pink dress,

Wandering through the auburn forest,

Mucking up her white tights and shoes-

A snake appears,

She strokes the friendly venomous creature.